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Setting a Trend : Women in Men's Clothing

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

To coincide with the latest style campaign we introduce ladies to The Biggs Collection.

Inspired, we took the opportunity to work with artist Alice O'Shea mixing Alice's unique style with The Biggs Collection.

I feel like it isn't so much the item of clothing that's constrained as much as people. I'm a firm believer in wearing what you like, what you feel good in, what's comfortable and what makes you feel yourself, despite labels.

Women in Men's Clothing?

- Why not?

Yes, it is true that our range is predominantly aimed at gentlemen but our range is so unique and versatile it truly is suitable for anyone.

Women have been breaking 'the rules' and pushing the boundaries since the beginning (remember Eve?) and we were keen to embrace that long history & tradition here at Stanley Biggs.

So, when the opportunity arose to collaborate with abstract & ocean artist Alice O'Shea, we jumped at the chance.

What we choose to wear plays a huge part in forming our own individual identity. Fashion is an art and its very subjective but because of that no one is wrong...and you know, "Men's" clothes have better pockets.

Melding Miss O'Shea's style, The Biggs Collection, The Peak District & adding a 1938 Ford V8 into the mix, the result is a truly inspiring & timeless look.

Our Inspiration

French actress Sarah Bernhardt was one of the first public figures to wear 'boys clothes' in public way back in the 1870s, but it was truly when starlet Marlene Dietrich donned the infamous white tie and tails that the craze began.

Sarah Bernhardt

Despite the early pioneers at the end of the 19th century, it wasn't until the 1920s & 30s when Coco Chanel worked closely with Marlene Dietrich, that the elegance of wearing men's clothing became a popular outlook for women to assert their role as powerful women.

'The Chanel suit' marked the dawn of a new way for women to express themselves. The suit, a traditional mark of masculinity was deliberately restyled as a declaraction of feminism.

It was a statement that is relevant to this day; a statement of independence, identity and success.

Why not start your own trend?


What's Next?

The Adventures of Mr Biggs, Gentleman Explorer.

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