The Kedleston Cap

The Kedleston Cap

The Kedleston Cap, is named after the historic country house situated in Derbyshire.

Kedleston Hall remains the seat of the Curzon family, and has been since 1297. The present hall was designed and built in 1750s.

The hall is home to a wide variety of art and curiosities, justifiably earning it an alternative name, The Temple of the Arts.


The Kedleston, in Blue Check has been expertly crafted by our very own Hatter, located in the heart of England, using the finest English cloth from Marling & Evans.


The traditional 8 panel cap, with a 11 1/2" diameter crown take its influence from the caps of the early 20th Century.


  • Specifications

    Cap - 100% Wool by Marling & Evans

    Lining - 100% Cotton