The Melbourne Flannels

The Melbourne Flannels

Our Melbourne Flannels, in 18oz 100% wool flannel, are an absolute must for any gentleman (or lady!).

They take their name from Viscount Melbourne, the first ‘Prime Minister’ and famed confidante of Queen Victoria. His father was made Baron of Melbourne, in Derbyshire.

These trousers are made entirely in the UK, by experienced tailors in the north of England, using only materials from within the UK.

The Melbourne Flannels are directly taken from an original pattern, capturing the elegance and timelessness of early 20th century fashion.

The trousers are cut with a high waist, with double forward-facing pleats, and a split ‘V’ waistband at the rear. They have a zip-fly, belt-loops, and a hook fastening.

Cut with full legs, they are 10 inches wide at the ankle, with 2-inch turn-ups. The 18oz wool flannel allows for the perfect drape and silhouette.


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    The Melbourne Flannels are a Bespoke, Made to Order Item. Please Read Our Full T&Cs here

  • Sizing

    In order to ensure the best fit for our flannel trousers, we have created a sizing guide. Follow the guide take all the necessary measurements for your order.

    If you are uncertain, please feel free to get in touch with us directly where we will be happy to assist.