Stanley Biggs Clothiers are proud to be sponsoring The Winter Tour;

England to Luxembourg. Non-Stop. In a 1930 Austin Special.

For Charity, Leonard Cheshire.

In honour of the charity’s founder, Royal Air Force Pilot Leonard Cheshire VC, the Husband and Wife duo will be beginning their journey at

RAF Scampton on Wednesday 6 November before boarding a ferry to Zeebrugge, Belgium.

That’s where the real challenge begins as they drive through the Ardennes’ hilly terrain in their compact car towards North Luxembourg.

The Route from Zeebrugge to Esch-Sur-Sure will be around 250miles and will be completed in One Day - Non-Stop...


While the one-day target may seem ambitious enough, what makes the journey more challenging is the fact that ‘Chummy’ has no roof, doors, windscreen or boot, with the warmest weather conditions expected to hit eight degrees, if it is good weather!

No modern or waterproof clothing will be worn either; with the couple matching the age of the car, they will only be donning 1930s vintage and reproduction clothing.

The journey won’t be an easy or smooth drive; the car gets to about 40mph when it begins to shake and vibrate, meaning it is always in need of constant corrections to maintain a steady and straight line. The Co-Driver is also 6-foot-4-inches, so the regular stops to tighten the car’s nuts and bolts and to refill the oil will provide a welcome break!

Keeping with their tribute to the founder’s legacy, the pair will also be stopping off at the Menin Gate in Belgium on Remembrance Sunday before journeying back to RAF Scampton on Wednesday 13 November.


Mad?! Absolutely!

But it is for an excellent cause... and you can support us along the way!

The trip will be fundraising for the charity The Leonard Cheshire Disability Trust.

Founded by Philanthropist Group Captain Leonard Cheshire, VC, OM, DSO & Two Bars, DFC.

In 1948, Leonard Cheshire founded the charity now named Leonard Cheshire Disability, which provides support to disabled people throughout the world.

Before founding this charity, he had established another home for veterans and war widows, at Gumley Hall in Leicestershire. Such was his concern for others, particularly those affected by the war.

At the beginning of 1949, eight patients were staying at Cheshire's home, Le Court. Six months later, there were 28.

Along with wife, Sue Ryder, Cheshire dedicated the rest of his life to supporting disabled people.

He was a great leader, making a point to know the name and circumstance of every man and woman under his command. He was the youngest and most decorated Group Captain in the Royal Air Force.

He was awarded the Victoria Cross after his fourth tour of duty, in 1944. Normally the Victoria Cross is bestowed for one particular marked event of bravery; In Cheshire's case, the award was given for his behaviour over the course of his entire operational career.

The Charity continues today in the same vein; supporting individuals to live, learn and work, independently, to the best of their ability.


"Don't Overlook the Power of The Individual to Change their Circumstances"

- Leonard Cheshire

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