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Made 'In-House', The Navigator Bag is a unique and accurate reproduction of the original 'Air Ministry' approved holdall used by Navigators of the Royal Air Force from 1942.


Using an original example, we have accurately reproduced The Navigator Bag after

identifying how amazing and versatile the design is.


The three compartments secured with poppers, all vary in size, meaning it can be used for a range of purposes, from laptops, books, clothing, or navigational equipment!

The carry handles, being one complete length also ensure it is a well supported and incredibly well made design. 

The attention to detail even has gone so far as including the wooden supports on the side of the main compartments, as per the original.


We have created two options using two different canvas, both are from the same pattern.


The 'Mint Green' option takes the original military pattern and offers a more 'civilian' option. The poppers are a polished brass, giving an amazing contrast to the distinct colour of the canvas. The 'AM' stamp is a varient and takes inspiration from the Parachute Bags of the era.


The 'Washed Khaki' is a direct match to the original canvas - in fact you can see this in the photography; the original pencil roll cavnas was matched exactly.

The poppers are original deadstock 'Newey' studs from the 1940s and the 'A.M.' stamp is an exact copy from the original example and hand stencilled.


Made in Nottinghamshire in our 'in-house' workshop, on original Singer sewing Machines ranging from the 1900s to 1950s, these really are the real deal.

The Navigator Bag

  • Main Compartment : W47cm/H43cm/D8cm

    Large Pocket : W26cm/H37cm/D7cm

    Small Pocket : W18cm/H37cm/D7cm

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